Essential time to think in a busy world

This is the golden thread running through our practice whether we’re coaching you 1 to 1, providing you with expert resources or inspiring a team based transformation;  we create time for you to make great choices.  We are here to help you clear the log jams you face with insightful questioning and powerful listening.  We will stretch, inspire and motivate you for the journey ahead.

We pride ourselves in employing our proven blend of Narrative Coaching, NLP and Gestalt techniques to enable phenomenal results for you, your team and your business.

About us.

We are a team of executive coaches who continue to succesfully play leading roles across many industries and the public sector:  We have walked in your shoes and we know the pressures you face.

We’ve developed our business around helping you find the resources you need;  Coaching you through transition, providing you with expert interim support and deploying change programmes.

Here’s some more about us, our approach and our work.

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What we do.

Coaching is about facilitating movement, energy and intent.  If you need to access new resourcefulness for the challenges ahead we can help.

We invite you to take a holistic view of your unique circumstances, your narrative, your values and your intentions for the future.

We work very differently; providing you with a powerful framework in which to think well about your situation, the skills, capabilities and beliefs you have and the course of action you are taking.


More about what we can offer.

Discover Me for Business

Find out here how we can make a significant impact to the way you and your team think about performance.  How, through listening and deeply understanding each other we can build bonds that can carry us through change.  How, through an evaluation of personal resourcefulness we can uncover skills, talents and beliefs that will make a significant contribution to the way we operate.

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