About us

We are a team of experienced business leaders and accredited executive coaches led by Chris Spray and James Woods.  We are passionate about providing the very best outcomes for you in your unique context.



I’ve led operations in some of the largest FMCG businesses across Europe.

Along the way I’ve learned how to help people gain the most valuable insights about how they expertly “do what they do.”

Everyone is completely unique, we want to celebrate that and help you discover the unique leadership contribution you can make.

We provide a carefully designed and safe environment to explore your beliefs about how you are motivating and constraining yourself in order to grow and “kick on” to the next level of performance.

Our office is some of the finest countryside in the UK, with such beautiful training environments you can’t help but find the inspiration you need”


“We absolutely love the work we do.   I’ve been a senior leader in the public sector for over 25 years and I think what we do is exactly what Leaders and teams need;

time and space to take stock in a facilitated way. When I see a lightbulb moment on one of our programmes, I know that individual is set on a new track for life. This work is so rewarding because we are teaching, practicing and continually learning new skills that make a difference in the world of work”

Our Approach

We develop our methods through exhaustive study & long term application to assess their effectiveness.  Our ever widening customer base is testament to the fact that what we do works really well and over extended periods.

At the heart of our process is a very simple concept.  When you are given time and space to think well, new information emerges that improves decision making.

We use the latest thinking in NLP and neuroscience along with wisdom developed over many years to provide coaching and training environments with lasting impact.