Cheshire Leadership and Teaching Alliance.

“Chris and James have coached me and worked with our trainee teachers as we have developed an entirely new concept in teacher training.  They had an enormous impact upon their practice in school and enhanced the traditional training that they were receiving.

The terms comfort, stretch and panic became part of their vocabulary and moved their thinking about themselves and how they interact with the world around them.  

The Spring Coaching team have also helped me in my professional and personal life and the power of the NLP exercises they deploy has allowed me to develop in new and fulfilling ways ( ultimately leading to a promotion).  

The mix of coaching with powerful listening is a key element to the success of the programmes that Spring Coaching delivered to the students; so much so that they are working with a new group this year.

Chris and James really hone in on and walk with each individual on their courses to support and challenge their thinking.

I look forward to building more links with Spring Coaching as their approach is exemplary and really impacts where it matters to people.”