We have developed DISCOVER ME with a very simple concept in mind:  To be excellent and at the top of our game we all need time out to evaluate what’s working and where we need to adjust.  This is a VERY different kind of personal development course that celebrates your unique capabilities and how you apply them in your every day life.

With that end in mind we have developed a serious of “step out” programmes where you can engage with the world around you in a very different way.  We help you get below the surface of what’s happening and help you find the structure of what’s happening.  What’s working really well for you and why, what’s perhaps not so effective? how can you add new resources and options.

Our courses are all multi-sensory in beautiful and inspiring surroundings.  We work mainly in the Dee valley in North Wales where there is a wonderfully varied terrain for putting into practice the new skills and attributes we are learning.

Every singly one of our courses has a complete satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not learning as you would expect to be after your first day on any of our courses then you can walk away and we won’t expect you to pay anything.