For more than 10 years now my leadership development practice has continued to evolve as I strive to deliver strong performance outcomes for my customers.

Through this process, many themes have emerged about excellence and best practice, not least when we consider the power of taking people away from their day job and immersing them in something new and unexpected. How can we become excellent at developing fresh insight and creativity?


Why is it that we have our best ideas when we are least expecting them?


We intuitively know that when we’re at an impasse or feeling stressed about delivering new thinking to our organisation, the ideas can stop flowing. Often doing something less taxing or taking ourselves away from “the problem” achieves the flash of inspiration we need; a walk in the park, cooking, mowing the lawn. There is something about taking ourselves out of the line of fire that leads to that Eureka moment (it’s no coincidence that most famous of EUREKA moments happened whilst stepping into a bath!).

The science of creativity.

Psychologists and neuroscientists are catching up with this intuition, demonstrating through experimentation the best times and circumstances to achieve creative breakthroughs. They’ve discovered that the neural pathways that lead to creativity stem largely from the right of our brains and happen when the frontal cortex (our conscious thinking brain) is subdued by none taxing activity. In effect our conscious mind is given over to activity that allows our subliminal mind to make connections and bring them into consciousness.

They’ve also concluded that creativity stems from varied and loose connections in our brains. The most creative amongst us can draw on a wealth of experience to generate new insights and ideas.

So what does this all mean for your business?

A number of things may be starting to become apparent to you whilst you read this article.


Firstly if we want to generate more insightful breakthroughs in our performance, cutting off the distractions of the outside world can dramatically boost our creativity.


Secondly, new and unexpected experiences – effectively creating a reservoir of experiences to draw from can get us ahead in the creativity stakes.


So what are you doing to cultivate the right environment for business and personal insight to flourish. Are you taking time out? are you taking your team out of the problems they face? are you generating intensely purposeful time to reflect?

The power of 10% new.

On our programmes we explore in real depth the importance of flexibility.  The most flexible people have the most influence in life and our flexibility is drawn from our resourcefulness and experiences.

We think it’s very important to continue to stretch through life but not panic.  Everyday do something a little new that exposes us to new thinking and perspectives.

We can help.

At Spring Coaching our passion is for generating new insight and performance. We’ve helped many individuals and organisations improved productivity within inspirational settings. We coach people to find their resourcefulness for the challenges ahead. We help people transition through change.

When you feel you would like to find out more then please do make contact through our contacts page.


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