People regularly ask us “what happens on a Discover Me course?’ the answer is a little difficult to quantify as each one can be so very different. We realised some time ago that creating a vanilla programme that “personality typed” or put people into boxes served very little purpose other than to re-enforce the habits and stereotypes they inhabit.

That’s why we simply don’t know what will emerge until it does ( and something profound always does).  We’ve helped senior business people realise they’re on the wrong path.  We’ve helped graduates realise they weren’t stretching themselves nearly hard enough.  We’ve helped whole teams jettison 15 years of baggage and hurt from a previous regime.  We’ve helped individuals truly connect with themselves, define their personal passions and follow them with great results.

And you’ll see in the video that we have fantastic fun, everyone takes something special away with them.

On a Discover Me programme expect to be given the time and space to think.  Expect to be truly listened to, accepted and appreciated for what you truly are – an exceptional human being.

Please do contact us to find out more about this extraordinary work.

We’ve all been on the course….”Aaahh – so I do it this way because I’m an ENTP, Plant, activist, Gemini, Geordie, people person…..” – see how silly this all is? – You are uniquely you in all of your richness and complexity.

You process the world in a unique way based on the experiences, beliefs, goals, values, skills and environment you inhabit built up over many years.  Let’s create places and spaces that bring this to the fore.  Let’s unearth the phenomenal resourcefulness that each one of us has inside.  Let’s stretch out of our current paradigm into new and exiting possibilities.

We practice what we preach, that the most flexible people can exert the most control in any given system.  We create processes that help people add options, resourcefulness and their unique character to a given situation.

" Thank you for reawakening me to what I am possible of. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life"

Eve (Manager Pharma industry)


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