Going beyond your potential.

We really only learn new things when we take take ourselves beyond our perceived limitations.  True leadership happens when we work on the edge of the current context and take our teams with us.

Our results speak for themselves.  Powerful listening and practical common sense solutions that deliver the next change.  We draw on a broad spectrum of experience in the public and private sector that brings a wealth of resources to you.

Whether you’re seeking to be coached through an important transition, need resources to deliver new performance or a leadership programme to move your business forward, we can help you deliver the step change you need.

Coaching Practice:

The Spring Coaching team are certified NLP master practitioners, accredited Narrative coaches and proven business leaders; a unique blend of skills that are hugely adaptable to your circumstances.  We invite you to  to find out more about the ways in which we can help you create clarity, energy and movement towards your goals.

What we do
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Providing your business with expert resources

Chris and James have a huge legacy of resourcing interim assignments across a wide range of public and private sector organisations. Our network is prodigious.  We are confident we can find you the right person for just about any role, particularly in FMCG or public sector. We are not itinerant trainers who gave up practicing leadership 20 years ago.  We continue to lead and be successful in some of the most successful businesses in Europe.  We know what good looks like!


What we do
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Our Discover Me Program

This is a very different kind of programme for inspiring increased effectiveness and change.  It has been thoroughly tested over 10 years and proven in many different contexts.  Our approach enables you to discover new insight into your beliefs, values and resources & how to apply them for greatest effect.  We help you rediscover the expertise you possess and evaluate that of your colleagues so as a team you can truly play to your strengths.

What we do
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Management consultancy

Our results in Blue Chip and public consultancy are compelling.  We’ve worked throughout Europe on bespoke engagements, coming alongside leadership teams to help them deliver sustained change and formidable results.


What we do
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Charity Work

Every year the Spring Coaching team commit to a series of “serious” outdoor challenges that stretch them into new thinking about the art of the possible.  2019 is no exception with Chris securing a coveted place on the Trans Continental Bicycle race across Europe.  4000km, 5 times the height of Everest in just 15 days.  This is widely perceived as the toughest bicycle race on the planet – wholly self supported with no pack up team to offer encouragement or a shoulder to cry on.

This is of course a very serious undertaking, is resource hungry and the training required just to finish is intense.  We hope you can join Chris on the journey as he blogs and uncovers thoughts on the nature of commitment, self care, endurance and many other leadership topics.

This year Chris is supporting the North West Air Ambulance and Tear Fund in his endeavour – charities very close to his heart at home and abroad.

If you can spare some cash to support him – please do – more here.


What we do
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