Is it time to DISCOVER ME?

Unlock your true potential & resourcefulness with us in a stretching & inspirational learning environment. We will help you discover new insight & how to apply it so you can excel with clarity, effectiveness and flexibility, gain new feedback to help you find your way & develop your unique capabilities.

This expertly designed programme provides you with a memorable reference point as you develop and grow. We give you essential time out to think about the constraints you are placing on yourself. We encourage you to stretch and develop personal insight; to be more authentically you and enhance your performance. We’ve helped 100’s of people uncover fresh thinking, confidence, clarity, purpose and most importantly performance. DISCOVER ME is completely flexible to your needs because we focus on yourunique gifts, skills and contribution.  We provide you with a process in which you can explore as deeply as you would like.

Discover me Program

Your trainers will join you where you are to develop the themes that become apparent to you as they emerge through your learning journey. We work in the Dee Valley, North Wales where we provide a simply stunning & inspirational natural training environment.  We use multi sensory learning in the classroom and during stretching outdoor activities. Typically we will take you white water kayaking, on high ropes & gorge walking to encourage you to challenge yourself to discover “where next” on your leadership journey. If this is a “step too far” we have options including archery, bushcraft and low ropes so that you can equally benefit from a stretching experience. We will be delighted to talk through the syllabus with you and tailor to your specific needs.

Discover me Program
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