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A very different kind of journey –

Would you like to be part of our journey through the glorious British countryside?

Dear friends.

Last year many of you supported Richard and Chris on a wonderful journey from the south to the north coast of Wales. This was a different kind of journey punctuated by extraordinary stories, pictures and a live tracker that brought us all together.

It was a lovely adventure to share and we will never forget arriving in Prestatyn to Gareth Jones pumping the Proclaimers out of his car window. We will also never forget Rich Witheridge arriving with Thorntons caramels at a low moment or Tom Robinson cooking as a meal and bringing fresh socks from Peter Carols excellent shop in Llangollen. So many of us enjoyed this week long adventure together.

We experienced many wonderful random acts of kindness too: a 75yo B and B owner cooking us a meal at 11pm (and not charging us a penny) to a lovely man donating half a days pay to our cause as we chatted over breakfast.  

This year we are going to be stepping up our fundraising work for Crossroads Retreats.  Chris is completing over 3000 miles of cycling followed by the famous Wainwright Coast to Coast challenge – 7 marathons in 7 days across the glorious north of England.  Our ranks are now swelled to 5 with ages ranging from 18 to 46 and two countries represented.

When you join us on this years wonderful journey, we can promise:

  • Beautiful photography and videos of our great nation.
  • Daily blog to get involved with – wisdom of the road!
  • Lovely stories of kindness and generosity.
  • A community spirit as we track progress together.
  • Shout outs and messages of support.

SO – why not sign up?

This will be a lovely journey to be experienced together.

You can read more about Crossroads Retreats below.  They help people, often in challenging circumstances, faced with critical life choices.

We will be completely grateful if you are able to support this challenge

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