You know when you’ve been working with a great coach.  That special environment where you feel like you’ve been completely listened to and supported.  The quality of encouragement whilst you order your thoughts, understand the current situation and motivate new plans.

That experience was not a fluke but a carefully created space where your coach drew on a wealth of skills and experience to help you draw out your story and make great choices.

What kind of coaching?

We’ve been developing our coaching practice over 14 years, testing and incorporating what we learn every step along the way.  When you work with us you will find yourself in a very different kind of space:  a chance to step out of your frenetic work and observe what’s going on.  A chance to reconnect with your priorities and the way you “act” in the world.

Our coaching style can be described as contemplative, adapted from mastery of NLP, psychotherapy and the exemplary work of Nick Isbister ( in his Transformational Narrative Coaching (

Our overriding aim is to help you make sustainable and transforming change that is congruent with your values.

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Our Coaching Practice
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What can we support you with?

The power of what we do is in it’s flexibility to your circumstances.  The only recurring theme is that you’ve recognised you are in a period of transition and you are looking to develop your resourcefulness to make the change.

Some examples of our work:

1.  First 100 days transitioning well into a new leadership role.

2. Developing a coherent plan for a challenge ahead.

3.  Working through relationship challenges.

4.  Helping you find your authentic presence in your leadership.

5.  Finding new motivation in a challenging environment.

Why not get in touch for a free consultation?

Our Coaching Practice
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What to expect from us:

Our first contact with you is a free, no obligation discussion.  We will listen well to you and develop an understanding between us of what you need to achieve.  Following that we will contract together, checking in at each step of the way to ensure your expectations are clear and being met.

We follow a broad framework that draws on your story, the success you are looking for, your values and the quality of relationships you are generating.  Our aim is to help you organise, motivate and project you story into a coherent set of steps along the way.

You will often find us working at inspiring natural settings – travelling through nature is one of the best metaphors for the work we do.

Our Coaching Practice
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